Tuesday, March 30, 2010


School, vacation, work, and cycling have all distracted me from posting. Plus, I just couldn't get into it.

So, restarting. Reflecting back over the last months, I have a lot to talk about.

1. CVC-specifically, how great it is to be on a team
2. Toys-new computer = very cool. I'll be posting ride data much more regularly
3. Crashes-the trials (literally) and tribulations of a teammate
4. Job-I have one. Sweeeeeeet. Now only 10 more years until corporate burnout and I start a bike shop. I guess there will be coffee too.
5. Lactate Threshold Test-cool
6. Bethel Crits-mostly ties into cool computer outputs
6. Coffee-haha. I've drank two cups in the last 4 weeks. It's been all carbon.

This is more of a mental list for me than of any interest to any of you reading.

In any case, since it's most logical, I'll start with #5- Lactate Threshold Test

My numbers:

My Lactate Threshold = 245 watts, 176 HR
So, at LT, i'm at 3 watts/Kg right now

And for comparison.

Lance Armstrong's LT = 493 watts, 178 HR
6.75 watts/Kg


I don't have a power meter, so I've been basing my training on HR values. It's well documented that HR is subject to a stupid amount of variables, but the basic idea is still there. Next post I'll go into more detail, but here's one of the data outputs from last week's Bethel Cat 4 race.

Blue is altitude, Green is Speed, and Red is Heart Rate. The first major elevation was a sprint for a prime ($20 in pocket-woo!), and the second spike was an attempt to break away. Didn't work.