Thursday, December 17, 2009

I thought I was cool

So today we had a team ride out of Uconn, with a starting temp of 19 degrees. Awesome. There were two of us, waiting for a third, Caitlin. We're dressed to the max- I had no less than 19 individual articles of clothing/gear on my body (I cheated-gloves, etc count twice). But nevertheless, I felt like I had a fat suit on. Ryan was similarly dressed, and even used ski goggles for the occasion. Everyone else bailed.

Except Caitlin. When I saw her, I did a double take. She had a flimsy jacket. A lightweight set of tights. No booties. Her ankles were bare. Gloves were so thin I could see through them. Small headband on-hair showing through her helmet. No face protection. Mid-ride, she had frost and icicles forming on her chin. We rode for 2:15.

Oh. My. God.

She didn't complain once. Incredible. And I thought I was cool for going out today.

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